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The news


Reflections on Malawi

On her return from Malawi, Rosemary reflects on the visit and how it has changed my understanding about the role of the church with our global neighbours and the benefit of partnerships.

The arrival at Ekwendeni

Congratulations! The bike riders have made it to Ekwendeni!

Pedal&Pray: Meeting the Mother Buddies

Rosemary tells us about visiting Ekwendeni College and meeting two Mother Buddies at the end of the cycling. 'I found the whole visit to the Mission inspiring, witnessing the hard work and commitment of the leaders and staff, underpinned by their strong faith and belief.'

Pedal&Pray Days 2 & 3: the journey continues

Rosemary updates us on days 2 and 3 of the cycle 'After being welcomed at the health centre, a nurse told us about the work of the clinic before guiding us round. The daily health challenges faced by this small nurse led clinic are unimaginable to us at in the West. There is no direct access to water, and all water has to be fetched and carried some distance.'

Pedal&Pray: The challenge begins

Rosemary King shares her experiences of the first days of life in Malawi on the Pedal&Pray Malawi bike ride.

Love thy neighbour

What's not said in the aid debate

Student's Perspective - Pakistan

Esther Park, Edinburgh University medic, writes on her time at Women’s Christian Hospital, Multan, Pakistan.

Preparing to Pedal&Pray

Rosemary King talks about her hopes and fears for her first African bike ride.

Report on Global Citizenship in the Scottish Health Service Published

James Wells writes about the launch of the report by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow.

Mother Buddies: Delivering HIV-Free Babies

This Volunteers’ Week, we’re celebrating the incredible people who devote their time to support EMMS International projects.