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Methodist World Evangelism Conference

EMMS’s vision for providing compassionate healthcare for the poor is delivered in a speech by our Church Development Manager, Rev James Petticrew, at the 20th ‘Order of the Flame’ annual conference of Methodist World Evangelism on St Simon’s Island, Georgia, USA.

Why I'm a 175 Friend

Maureen Gowans answers a few short questions on why she became a 175 Friend

News from Nepal

Read the latest on the work of the palliative care team in Nepal and how your support of the Christmas and Advent appeals is making a difference. Including some exciting news from Manju.

Running Focus: Amy

Amy takes part in a sponsored run this weekend from Comely bank to the Royal Infirmary and back. The significance of this route highlights issues of access to maternal care in India.

Developing Palliative Care in Nepal

Nobody should live in pain. We’re now working to improve care and support for those without appropriate healthcare in Nepal.

Why Palliative Care is So Important

There is value in good palliative care. In a world of expanding demand the need to provide quality and accessible care is paramount. Our projects develop far reaching benefits.

Looking forward from the 175th Anniversary

This year saw EMMS International celebrate 175 years of bringing health and hope to poor and marginalised people across the world. We see this special anniversary year as time to honour the past, live in the present and dream the future.