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Building Healthcare Infrastructure

One in five healthcare facilities in Malawi has no clean water and more than half lack decent toilets.


Travelling long distances adds to the crippling cost and inaccessibility of healthcare for some of the world’s poorest people. Even then, the facilities they find are often not fit for purpose or adequately staffed.

EMMS International and its partners are striving  to improve the quality, accessibility, sustainability and environmental impact of healthcare facilities and infrastructure. Our recent capital projects include:

  • Building a centre of excellence for palliative care in Nepal at the Green Pastures Hospital, Pokhara, which trains specialist staff and helps reach out to rural communities.

  • Raising funds to complete engineering works to bring sustainable solar electricity and reliable clean water to health facilities in south Malawi.

  • Establishing a capital fundraising campaign to create a large, modern school of nursing at Duncan Hospital in Bihar, India with facilities to accommodate and train healthcare workers to serve their local community and beyond.

  • Through a large capital gift, enabling a carers’ organisation to purchase and renovate a property and renovating a property in Scotland to provide respite breaks for people with life-limiting conditions and their carers.

  • Creating palliative care services for hard-to-reach families, supported by 4X4 vehicles and motorcycles suitable for rough and demanding terrain in Nepal.


Your support helps build and strengthen healthcare services by contributing to capital build and infrastructure projects in Scotland, Malawi, Nepal and India.

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