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Emergency Malawi Appeal

Storm Freddy & Cholera Crisis

Donate today to save lives

Malawi has been struck by a devastating tropical storm that has washed away whole villages and caused the deaths of more than 470 people. We must act quickly to save lives in the wake of Storm Freddy when the threat of cholera is rife.

High winds and flood waters have brought devastation in southern Malawi with the poorest among the worst affected. 490,098 people have been displaced, hundreds are missing and crops and livelihoods have been destroyed. The President of Malawi has declared a state of disaster and called on the global community for support.

EMMS International has extended its cholera crisis appeal to respond to this latest emergency in Malawi. Please show your support today and help save lives.

More than
470 people

Hospitals and Clinics under Extreme Pressure

Urgent need for safe water supplies

As the storm struck, Malawi was enduring its worst cholera outbreak ever recorded. More than 1,600 lives have been lost, with 24 people in one village dying in one day. All hope that the outbreak was coming under control was shattered in the wake of Storm Freddy.

Fierce winds and flood waters have washed away toilets and hygiene facilities, contaminated waters and pushed people into crowded temporary shelters. This is a breeding ground for water-borne diseases like cholera. With the risk of more heavy rains and flooding, we must act quickly to stop the spread of this deadly disease.

In addition to our urgent appeal to raise £160,000 to improve water supplies and sanitation, EMMS International has now launched an emergency appeal to raise funds to help save lives by restoring existing water supplies and providing emergency food and blankets to those affected.

The video above shows the devastation at a rural health centre caused by Storm Freddy. But before disaster struck, EMMS International are supporting our partners in Malawi to install clean running water and sanitation at 14 rural health centres and improve water supply and sanitation at Mulanje Mission Hospital.  The lack of clean water is the single biggest reason cholera spreads and now the risk is even greater.


How your donation can help:

  • £10 could help pay for blankets for displaced people

  • £20 could help buy for emergency food supplies

  • £50 could help reinstate drains and sewers at health centres and prevent diseases from spreading

  • £100 could help install water and hygiene facilities at hospitals, keeping staff and patients safe

You can help provide the lifeline of clean water in this time of crisis.


It’s urgent that we give emergency supplies to protect lives today and provide vital access to safe water to protect lives in the difficult weeks and months ahead. This will help curb the spread of the disease as Malawians begin to piece their lives together again.


Your gift of clean water and emergency supplies today can help save lives.

You can donate:

  • Online, using the form below

  • Through bank transfer to Account No: 06 00 06 68 Sort Code: 80-02-28
    (please include your name and postcode as a reference).

  • By calling 0131 313 3828

  • By posting a cheque, payable to "EMMS International" to EMMS International, Norton Park, 57 Albion Road, Edinburgh, EH7 5QY


My gift to help save lives

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