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The clinics are managed by the David Gordon Memorial Hospital in Livingstonia, nearly 1,000m above the Lake. To get down to the Lake, you have to descend this road and its 22 hairpin bends - an hour’s journey.

The ambulance boat has a stretcher and room for 6 people. We saw how rough the Lake could be when we went on our first clinic visit in the boat.

At the moment patients have to be ferried to the boat – a hazardous journey in rough water.

Each clinic recognises the part played by CMMT and EMMS in renovating them. The renovations include new roofs, electricity, solar panels, water provision, painting etc.

Mlowe clinic is typical: it consists of maternity ward, birthing room, examination room, drug store. There are no doctors. The teams of 3 or4 staff are lead by a clinical ssistant who will do many things a qualified doctor would do, including carry out ceasarean sections, appendectomies etc.

The maternity ward where each patient will spend about 1 month accompanied by at least one family member.

One of the 15 staff houses renovated, consisting of 2 bedroom,  living room, kitchen and shower room. They have new roofs, new kichens and showers as well as being repainted inside and out.

A kitchen and charcoal cooking facility prior to renovation. Each kitchen now has gas or electric cooking as well as a sink.

Each house and clinic has hew bio toilets.

One of the three new Toyota Land Cruiser ambulances.

At Zunga we have brought much needed water to the village as a result of the clinic’s need for water

Chauncy Maples Malawi Trust 
Final Report: A Successful Outcome –already saving lives...
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- written by Chauncy Maples Malawi Trust

Original Aim & Change of Approach

The aim of the Chauncy Maples Malawi Trust (CMMT) from the outset was to improve health care in villages on the shores of Lake Malawi. Significant funds were raised, not least through “The Big Row”, an event which brought teams from across the City together at Spitalfields to row the length of Lake Malawi on rowing machines.  Sadly it proved to be technically too difficult to renovate the Chauncy Maples vessel to do this and we were met with other commercial and financial complications.

In consequence we were required by the Charity Commission to declare a ‘failed appeal’, a process which took much longer than we expected. We were, however, left with a sum in excess of £400,000.

Experienced New Partner

We sought a partner with the capacity to put our original aim into action and as a result established a partnership with EMMS International, an Edinburgh based charity (registered no SC032327), which has been in existence in various forms since 1841 and counted Dr Livingstone, who travelled extensively in the area of Lake Malawi, as one of its early members. EMMS International has strong links with Malawi and with organisations in Malawi which have proved themselves capable of managing health projects there.

What we have achieved with Your Support

So, with their help, we have funded other ways of meeting our objective of the relief of sickness and promotion of health among people who live around the shores of Lake Malawi. We have:

  • Provided 3 ambulances to improve access to hospital for patients living in lakeside villages in 3 north west Lake Malawi districts: Karonga, Rumphi and Nkhata Bay.

  • Provided an ambulance boat to shorten the present 3 hour boat journey to half an hour for patients from the Tcharo area – particularly maternity patients.

  • Renovated five lakeside health centres and a health clinic which were in poor condition: some, for example, had no running water and most needed additional equipment.

  • Renovated 15 houses (three at each clinic), including providing ecological toilets.. The provision of living accommodation is essential to staff retention.

  • Supported the training of more than 20 women from lakeside villages to become healthcare staff and return to their villages to improve clinic staffing levels.

These measures are greatly improving health facilities for 50,000 people and eventually may reach up to 200,000. So your donations have had a dramatic impact on the lives of some of the poorest people in the world.

Immediate Impact

In November, last year Belinda Coote, the former CEO of CMMT, and Mark Holford, its former Development Director and Trustee, visited all the sites and met more than half the students. They saw and heard first hand the significant impact that your donations have had. The photographs on the left tell the story.

Attracted Additional Funding

A further piece of good news is that part of our donation to EMMS International has been used to attract extra funds: here is a comment from EMMS:

"With CMMT having given us £414,732 towards this project, we have been able to leverage a further £35,677 in private donations, as well as £112,604 from the UK government (DfID).  Therefore, thanks to you and your supporters, we have received a total of £563,013, which is allowing us to bring healthcare access, pain relief and care to thousands of people who are suffering in rural Malawi.  This will transform the lives of many of the poorest and most vulnerable people living in Malawi and we are extremely grateful to the supporters and trustees of Chauncy Maples Malawi Trust for making this happen."

The Future

EMMS needs to urgently raise a further £100,000 to make the project sustainable in the long term.  If you would like further information about EMMS or to contribute towards the final £100,000, please click here or contact EMMS at info@emms.org. 

Ripple Africa – Also Supported

CMMT have also made a one-off donation of £10,000 to the charity Ripple Africa for the renovation of another Malawi lakeside clinic. The new treatment room provides better and extended facilities for a number of clinics including vaccination and immunisation, nutrition support, counselling, contraception and chemotherapy.

Thank You for a Successful Outcome

So in this final report we want to say again an enormous thank you to you for your support of CMMT. Your generosity has enabled us to achieve real improvement in healthcare for the people who live around the North West shore of the Lake.

We are also very grateful to our colleagues in EMMS International and their partners in Malawi for putting our aims into action.

We are sure that you will share our delight that we have finally been able to have a major positive impact on the health of some of Malawi’s most vulnerable lakeshore communities – as we originally intended.

Colin Hayton - Chairman

Belinda Coote - CEO

Other Trustees

Nilesh Goswami

Bob Grainger

Mark Holford

John Hynan

Jane Moore

June 2019

We visited Ekwendeni College, near Mzuzu, Malawi’s third largest city. Two thirds of our 21 nurses are under training at the college

Mark Holford shows some of our students photographs of the clinics to which they will return after training. Most of the women come from the villages where their clinic is. Along with good housing, this should aid retention.