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As 2019 begins, we are continuing to change lives through better healthcare and to bring hope where hope is often lacking.

Please give what you can and join us in offering health for today and hope for tomorrow.

In Nepal, we are investing in a brand-new palliative care and day therapy unit to better serve the growing numbers of people needing care.

We are thankful to the McClay Foundation who are supporting us to build this new unit, but we need to raise further funds to train staff in the best practice and invest in the right equipment to offer the best treatment for each patient.

Malawi is currently grappling with a serious lack of trained healthcare professionals.

Together, we can begin to grow the number of qualified healthcare professionals in Malawi, bringing better healthcare services for more people and helping to develop the careers and livelihoods of those who have few chances in life. This Christmas you can sponsor a healthcare student and invest in the future of Malawi.

Many girls living near The Duncan Hospital in Bihar state, India, are being sold into marriage as young as 12 years old.

We are urgently working with The Duncan Hospital to address this problem and rescue girls from this modern slavery.

Our "Lift a Girl" project will give an opportunity to 22 girls living in extreme poverty to study to become nurses at The Duncan Hospital. They will become role models for other girls living in their villages, showing them that girls matter.

This Christmas, you can lift a girl out of poverty and give her hope for the future.