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  • Will you be a 175 Friend?

    Your friendship can save and change lives...

EMMS International is celebrating 175 years of showing Christ-like care and compassion to those who are sick. This is only possible because of friends like you who have committed themselves to giving and praying.

The work isn’t finished. There are still people without hope, unable to get the healthcare they need and deserve, suffering in pain.

Everyone deserves access to quality healthcare. By pledging to be a 175 Friend you are helping Christian healthcare workers to care for those who need them most.

Your friendship upholds them in the face of desperate need. Your kindness encourages them as they work tirelessly and give their all.

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Your friendship would mean the world to...

Manju in Nepal

Many lives were devastated by the earthquakes in Nepal. It’s crucial that those who were injured and those who were sick, even before, are not left behind as Nepal rebuilds.

Nurse Manju brings health and hope to people in Nepal. She is training to be the first palliative care Nurse specialist in Nepal. She says, “For me, serving God and serving the poor are one and the same thing. If I can relieve the suffering of others, then I do this with a glad heart.”

Being a friend helps Manju to bring pain relief and care to people who have lost almost everything.

pays a specialists nurse like Manju's salary for five months.
helps Manju to visit vulnerable and isolated patients.

Mphatso in Malawi

Children born with HIV face a life of daily medications and frequent hospital visits. A life where routine infections can be life-threatening.

HIV and AIDS has destroyed a generation across Africa, but Mphatso has the ability to protect the next generation. Her team can ensure that babies are born HIV negative, even when born to mothers who have HIV or AIDS.

Mphatso is one determined lady, determined that the next generation of Malawi will be HIV free.

Being a friend supports Mphatso and her team to give an HIV-free future to the people of Malawi.

funds a field officer for six months to protect babies from HIV.
helps Mphatso's team to support mothers with HIV.

Sharon in India

In Bihar, India, having a child is not the joy it should be. All too often mothers and babies die of easily treatable conditions like jaundice or high blood pressure.

Doctor Sharon is a hero to countless mums and babies in Bihar, India's most deprived state.

Sharon has dedicated her life to serving the community near her hospital, many of whom have never met a trained health professional and have little medical understanding.

Being a friend supports health workers like Sharon to save the lives of pregnant mothers and their babies.

funds a mums and babies' community worker for a year.
buys fuel to take Sharon's team where help is needed most.

Cornelius in Malawi

People in Malawi with cancer face an agonising death because of a lack of basic pain relief and trained medical professionals.

Cornelius was a junior doctor, watching patients suffer and die from cancer and AIDS when he realised the urgent need to help.

Cornelius says, "My mission now is to make good palliative care a reality, not just for my patients, but all those who are suffering needlessly across Malawi. I believe that is how I can best serve God, and love my neighbour."

Being a friend supports doctors like Cornelius to comfort other in their final days.

funds a specialist nurse to work with Cornelius for six months.
prevents unnecessary suffering in people's final days.

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