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Every Girl Matters

Day after day, around the world, girls are told their lives don’t matter.

When a girl is married and pregnant, instead of getting an education she is told her life doesn’t matter. When a girl carries the full burden of household chores, providing food and caring for sick relatives instead of playing with her friends, she is told her life doesn’t matter.

Around the world, girls are denied access to quality healthcare, denied the opportunity of good health and a brighter future.

It is time to raise a voice of hope. To ensure every girl is heard. To show that every girl matters.

Rabekah's life matters

At just 19 years of age Rabekah took her young son and fled her marital home and the domestic abuse she faced there. She now lives with and cares for her elderly grand-parents, both of whom have cancer and require lots of additional care.

Your support gives Rabekah and her family the healthcare and support they need and this means she has been able to return to school and plans to complete her education.

You can give Rabekah the hope she deserves. You can show that Rabekah’s life matters.

Your gift will give health and hope to girls like Rabekah, helping them lift themselves and their families out of poverty.

gives essential care during pregnancy.
helps provide ongoing home visits that lift the burden of care from female family members.

Sanja's life matters

Sanja Devi was engaged to be married at just 15 years old. Like countless girls in Bihar, she faced a life marred by poverty and devoid of prospects.

It was then that she heard about the work of the Duncan Hospital in her community. Not only were they providing life-saving healthcare, but also life-transforming vocational training.

Determined to live a life that mattered, she signed up for a tailoring course so she could provide for herself and her family. Her family helped her buy a sewing machine and her determination saw her complete the course in record time.

Duncan Hospital are helping girls like Sanja escape the cycle of sickness and poverty by providing essential, life-saving healthcare and helping them access vocational training.

Five years on, Sanja and her family have a reliable income that is helping lift them and their communities out of poverty. She now works as a teacher passing on the skills that she has learned.

gives girls the skills they need to break the cycle of sickness and poverty.
supports long-term training programmes that break the cycle of sickness and poverty.

Kalpana's life matters

Labour started in the middle of night and Kalpana knew that something wasn’t right.

She raised the alarm with her family, who arranged a stretcher and carried her through darkness, on rocky roads, throughout her contractions to get her to the small rural hospital.

With their help, Aakash arrived safely into the world. Had the delay been greater, or the complications more severe, she would have had to make a 6-hour journey by car to the next hospital. Assuming a vehicle was even available, Kalpana would have taken her life in her hands to make that journey.

Your support means the little hill-top hospital is expanding and upgrading its facilities for mums like Kalpana; extending a lifeline to more women and their children.

improves maternity facilities for mums and babies in rural areas.

Making your gift

£19 gives essential care during pregnancy.
A monthly gift of £8 to show every life matters.