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Every Life Matters

  • Every Life Matters

    All donations doubled by the UK government.


In Malawi, cancer diagnoses have more than doubled in the last decade and by 2021, an estimated 180,000 patients and their families will need palliative care.

Rural Malawians with incurable illnesses are amongst the poorest people in the world. Malawi is one of the poorest countries in the world and healthcare resources are already stretched.

If you are poor and sick in Malawi then pain relief and even basic food can be out of reach. This means lives are wasted in hunger and pain.

You can help change this, you can show that every life matters.

Your donation will go even further thanks to match funding from the UK government.

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Jeremiah's life matters...

No life should be wasted in hunger and pain.UK-AID-Donations&flag-RGB.png

Jeremiah doesn’t think his life matters.

Jeremiah has cancer. He spends his days lying on the ground without even a mattress. With an empty stomach and food in scarce supply, he is hungry and in pain.

You can stop Jeremiah being hungry

Jeremiah is hungry. He and his family get by on one meal a day; always the same ‘pigeon peas’. He needs food to take his medicine and keep strong. Sadly, when you are poor in Malawi, food is scarce.

Your gift will provide Jeremiah with regular healthy meals, giving him the food he needs to take his medication and stay strong.

can help Jeremiah's family start a kitchen garden and provide Jeremiah with regular healthy meals.

You can ease Jeremiah's pain

Cancer is painful. Jeremiah’s blood cancer causes painful swelling in his arms and legs. He has pressure sores on his hip and bottom from not being able to move. He needs pain relief. In a country where even paracetamol is hard to come by, this is not easy.

Your gift will bring morphine and pain relief to Jeremiah and people like him.

can bring Jeremiah pain relief and care at home.

You can help Jeremiah's family

Jeremiah’s family are powerless. They want to help him but don’t know how. They don’t understand about cancer or what is happening to their precious child or where they’ll find the strength to keep caring for him.

Your gift will send specialist health workers and trained local pastors to provide Jeremiah and his family with holistic care. They will help Jeremiah and his family to come to terms with his illness and give them the practical and spiritual support they need.

sends trained health workers to show Jeremiah's family how to give him his food and medicine and provides spiritual care through trained pastors.

Making your gift

£16 can help a family start a kitchen garden
A monthly gift of £8 to stop hunger and pain