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Poverty & Pain in Nepal

Desperate poverty, massive and impassable mountains, and deep valleys mean people in Nepal’s remote and hard-to-reach areas have no local health care. What little there is will be a least a day’s bus ride away and too expensive for most families.

Your gift stops poverty and pain.

In the poorest and most remote areas of Nepal, people with chronic illnesses like cancer and leprosy, and the high number of people with spinal injuries are suffering in mind, body and spirit. Not only do they need medical care to deal with the physical effects of their illness, they also need comfort and spiritual care to live each day with fullness and dignity.

Purna's Story

Purna and Samita Chhettri run a small roadside tea shop on the outskirts of Pokhara, Nepal. It’s a few tables beside a dusty road, but it is their
pride, joy and livelihood.

DSC_0267.jpgWhen Purna found out that he was seriously ill with cancer, he feared for what that meant for his family. Purna and Samita’s tea shop is part of their rented house, if they can’t keep it running they lose their home, they lose everything.

Cancer is awful even when you have healthcare and money. In Nepal, one of the poorest countries in the world, where the handful of hospitals available must be paid for, the impact is beyond devastating.

His illness accelerated and soon Purna was paralysed from his waist downwards. He couldn’t even sit up in his bed without help. Samita cared for him constantly.

Purna’s pain became too much to bear and Samita took him to Green Pastures hospital. There they met Purnamaya, a palliative care nurse, and Ruth, a missionary doctor. Purna’s cancer cannot be cured, but with pain relief and physiotherapy he was able to walk again.

Purna’s independence was regained and, with the promise of visits and support from Nurse Purnamaya, he was able to return home.

Imagine the couple’s joy as they returned home together, something they feared would never happen again. With a gift of £32, you can help very sick people like Purna to be at home with their loved ones.

Purna can only be at home thanks to regular visits from Nurse Purnamaya. She supports them and helps to relieve his pain through medication. Samita cannot support her husband without this help. She is already on her feet all day, working well past the setting sun. Every penny counts.

Being at home together means the world to Purna and Samita. He can join his wife in the café, they are no longer apart and she is not alone.

We are asking you to give a gift so that Purna and Samita can be at home together. We are asking you to give people like Purna the pain relief they desperately need.



Purna and Samita's roadside tea shop.