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Pedal&Pray Sabbatical: Road to renewal

Published 05 Dec 2016

Jean.jpgPedal&Pray Sabbatical: 'Road to Renewal'

Sabbaticals have become increasingly common over the last few years for UK church leaders as they have proven to be a pathway to renewal in body, mind and spirit leading to increased vitality and longevity in ministry.

In 2017 EMMS International is offering ministers planning a sabbatical, a unique experience which will involve a physical, spiritual and intellectual journey of renewal. It will be an experience which has the potential to make a significant impact on the lives of those who take part and through their participation the people of their congregations and people from some of the poorest communities in the world.


  • Experience church and mission in a new culture & critically evaluate the lessons learned in your own church setting
  • Take part in daily reflections to help you explore God’s heart for those who are poor.
  • See a life saving healthcare project in action in rural Malawi.
  • Experience the real heart of Malawi by bike.

Renewal in Body

The heart of the sabbatical is a 10-day cycle group cycle through the  Malawi from 7th-16th July 2107. Malawi, with its stunning scenery and game reserves, is one of the most beautiful countries on the continent. The ride will take participants from the capital Lilongwe through villages and rural areas, with the opportunity to meet the locals and become accustomed to their way of life. Follow where David Livingstone, doctor, missionary and explorer, travelled and end at Ekwendeni, a mission Hospital founded 142 years ago, where we will see some of the projects which EMMS has been involved in.

Malawi Pedal & Pray is designed to be challenging and for those with good general levels of health and fitness. It is well within the capabilities of most, providing you do adequte training. Participants will be provided with a comprehensive training guide, meaning all they have to contribute is commitment and effort to put themselves on the road to renewal physically.

Renewal in Mind

Naomi and Evelyn MMH.jpg

Participants won’t only be stretched physically, they will also be stretched intellectually through an opportunity to reflect on the nature of mission, the changing face of global Christianity and the implications these have for their own ministry setting.

This is an exciting opportunity for ministers to experience church and mission in a new culture and then be able to critically evaluate the lessons they have learned for mission in post Christendom UK.

This learning aspect of the sabbatical will involve reading and discussing the 'Global Church' before going to Malawi with fellow church leaders, experiencing church and mission in its African context and reflecting on the experience for participants and their churches personal settings back in the UK.

Renewal in Spirit

IMG_2042.JPGThis sabbatical experience, with its journey through an awe inspiring part of God’s creation, as part of a community of fellow believers,  immerses you in a new culture and exposure you to a different expression of Christian faith.

For many of those taking part in past  bike rides with EMMS International, it has been more than a journey through an African country, it has been a road to spiritual renewal.

Reflection & Action

There will be an opportunity to reflect on the experence on your return in a group setting aimed at helping you apply the lessons in your local church context. On your return you will have the opportunity to form a church partnership with the project you have visited in Malawi.


We pray that you will choose to join EMMS International on this Sabbatical Journey.

Download the Sabbatical Infosheet here. Pedal&Pray Sabbatical infosheet 2.pdf

Register now at www.emms.org/pedal