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Published 12 Apr 2016

This month’s prayer is focussing on Nepal a year on from the severe earthquake that struck in April last year. 

The earthquake caused considerable loss of life and an enormous amount of damage to housing, schools, hospital and other essential buildings, both during the initial earthquake and the subsequent aftershocks.  Following the passing of a new constitution in Nepal, groups along the border with India who were unhappy with it, maintained a blockade of the border preventing essential supplies from entering the country.  This hampered the reconstruction efforts but thankfully has now ended.

EMMS is funding a project in partnership with INF to explore the needs of severely disabled and sick people in earthquake-affected areas.  As Nepal is prone to floods and landslides as well as earthquakes, part of the project will be to build resilience so that the vulnerable can be cared for in future natural disasters.

Prayer points

  • Give thanks that the blockade of the border with India has ended.
  • Pray for Nepal, for its government and leaders that they would enable the country to recover and develop following the earthquake.
  • Pray that reconstruction efforts will be speeded up. 
  • Pray for safety for INF staff who will travel in April to severely affected areas in Lamjung to explore disabled people’s needs and that they will find ways of working with local health care providers who care for these people. 
  • Pray for effective networking with partners who share the vision of enabling communities to build resilience.
  • Pray for hospital staff who are still having to work in difficult conditions following earthquake damage to hospitals.
  • Pray for the church as it continues to find ways to serve the poor and marginalized.