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We’ve reached the end of the match-funding period, where donations were matched pound for pound by the UK government, and we have much to be thankful for.

Food security continues to be a critical issue in Malawi but there are signs of hope among communities supported by EMMS International’s partners. Villages in Livingstonia have been constructing village grain banks and forming local food co-operatives. Together they are preparing for times when food is scarce.

It was a joy to visit them late last year (picture above) and to see the strength and confidence they had in working together to tackle hunger and see their own communities thrive.

At the College of Medicine in Blantyre the first students have enrolled to study for degrees in Palliative Care. Those already working in the area are having their skills sharpened and developed through placements at Nkhoma and Mulanje mission hospitals.

We’re thrilled that, with your help and prayers, we have reached the target for the “Every Life Matters” campaign. This will build on the work above to ensure that lives aren’t wasted in hunger and pain. Thank you.

Giving thanks…

  • For communities which are making a stand against hunger and working together to grow, store and protect food for difficult times of year.
  • For the generous response of so many to the Every Life Matters appeal and for the opportunity that brings to improve the lives of those across Malawi who are very ill.
  • For the first intake of palliative care students, for the hope of better healthcare they represent.

Please pray for…

  • The appointment of staff who lead the degree course and see that it develops into an integral part of healthcare education in Malawi.
  • Mission hospitals facing a daily battle to balance the resources they have with the needs of the communities they serve.
  • Wisdom and vision as conversations continue with the Department of International Development on plans for the future and how their match-funding grant will be used.