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Published 22 Jan 2019


“This is my comfort in my affliction, that Your word has revived me and given me life.” (Psalm 119v50)

Seeing someone you love in extreme pain is never easy, wishing you could do something, anything, to help ease their suffering.

Thankfully, in the UK we have relatively easy access to pain relief. However, for so many people living with cancer in the developing world, having limited access to pain relief such as morphine is a stark reality, leaving an estimated 4 million people with cancer without adequate pain relief.

Having supported the training of Nurse Manju, the first palliative care nurse in Nepal, we continue our commitment to provide dignified care to people with chronic illness. Working with Green Pastures Hospital, we plan to build a new palliative care and day therapy centre to care for the economic, social, spiritual and physical needs of patients there.

Give thanks for lives changed by the palliative care work in Nepal. Praise God that more people like Nurse Manju are being trained and more hospitals are developing new palliative care programmes.

Please Pray…

  • For the country of Nepal, that medical leaders and Government would work together to develop effective palliative care strategies.
  • For the plans for the new palliative care and day therapy centre to move on and for the resources needed to build, to staff and to develop it.
  • For Christian healthcare workers to be strengthened and for God to be glorified as lives are changed in his name.