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Published 15 Mar 2016

This month’s prayer is focusing on some of our partners in Malawi.  At the moment Malawi is suffering from inflation and currency devaluation leading to the rising cost of commodities and services.  Last year there was terrible flooding in the south of the country while other areas experienced drought.

Mulanje Mission Hospital

Dr. Ruth Shakespeare from Mulanje Hospital in southern Malawi asks prayer for the following                

  1. Support from our partners during these very difficult economic times in Malawi so that we can continue to meet needs in the area, and provide services despite constrained government finances
  2. That we will be enabled to meet the current needs of those with malnutrition caused by poverty and drought
  3. Integrity for our staff, that they may resist the temptation to misuse hospital resources despite economic hardships.

Essential Healthcare at Nkhoma Mission Hospital

We partner with Nkhoma Mission Hospital in central Malawi which is working with local health centres to improve access to essential healthcare. As well as expanding the provision of maternal and child health clinics, this involves training volunteers who go round the villages teaching the basics of health and hygiene. Village water committees also receive support and training to make them more resilient.  A good local water supply frees time for girls to attend school and women to engage in income generating activities to benefit the family. Clean water is essential to prevent water borne illness which not only causes ill health and death but reduces family income.  

Other projects in Malawi

Please also continue to remember:

  • The Mziche project - working to stop the spread of HIV in the Mzenga are of northern Malawi.
  • Palliative care work across Malawi with centres of excellence a focus in Mulanje, Nkhoma and Blantyre.
  • Training of clinical officers and registered nurse midwives at Ekwendeni College of Health Science.