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Starting 2017 with Thanksgiving

It has been a great privilege to celebrate 175 years of the Edinburgh Medical Missionary Society, to reflect on God’s provision, direction and protect over so many years and to remember our dependence upon him today and for the future.

Our chief executive, James Wells, wrote this reflection on the anniversary and the work that is still ahead of us.

Let’s start 2017 by continuing our thanksgiving for God’s faithfulness as a reminder that He will be faithful as we follow Him in the years ahead too.

Give thanks

  • For every woman and man who has been part of EMMS’ story. For the vision of our founders, the sacrifice of those who trained and served overseas for those who have prayed for the work and worked to see it flourish.
  • For every life transformed by receiving practical care given in the name of Jesus.
  • For everyone involved in our work today, especially the committed Christian healthcare workers in India, Malawi and Nepal.

Please pray for

  • An enduring vision of how to bring health and hope in a way that brings God glory and a realisation of God’s persistent faithfulness as we face the future.
  • A continuing dependence upon God for His provision of all that is needed. Pray that all those whom He calls to support this work would do so with a glad heart.
  • Those who lead this work including EMMS International’s trustees and senior staff, along with those in similar roles with our partners overseas. Give them wisdom in all of their decisions.

Prayer of Blessing and Dedication

On Sunday 27th November, at the Thanksgiving and Vision Service in Greyfriars Kirk, Edinburgh, together we prayed:

Dear Christ the healer and our eternal hope, teach us to nurture, tend and care for all people, as though we tended you, that we may see the Christ in our neighbour and worthy carers of all your people.

May our eyes be opened to see your hand in the work of medicine and healing; may our hands be open to guidance by the power of your Spirit, may we learn your ways of gentleness and compassion and treat all others with the respect they are due as your children.

Lord, you made us people of great ingenuity with skill of hand and pen, science and learning. In past generations you inspired our forebears to initiate this society that has brought hope and health around the world and you formed us to be neighbours to one another.

As you have asked us to care and heal, may we never forget that we are mortal creatures. From earth we come, to earth we return, so give us humility and a caring heart and prosper our work in Jesus’ name.