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Summer is the season when we think of holidays, travel, new experiences and for many a time to relax and unwind. For some this year their summer will be full of new experiences but not relaxing. In July, a group will be travelling to Malawi to cycle 400km through northern Malawi, praying for the people they meet and visiting a project which works to reduce the prevalence of HIV in mothers. Each has been raising money and sponsorship which will be used to improve healthcare in Malawi.

Another group of people who will be travelling in July and August are healthcare students going to spend time abroad in mission hospitals in low income countries. The Order of St. Lazarus of Jerusalem has been supporting the Student Elective Bursary for 3 years and being impressed with the results, has continued the support.

In 2016, 16 students completed their electives in Nepal, Malawi, Pakistan, Tanzania, Peru, Swaziland, and the Philippines. Esther Park’s article in the latest Healing Hand highlights the challenges students face and the insights they gain during their electives.

This year so far, 11 students have been awarded bursaries. As medical, nursing and dental students have electives at different times of the year some have already gone while others are preparing to go to countries such as Malawi, Uganda, the Gambia, Papua New Guinea, Nepal and India.

Praise points

  • The people who are giving their time and energy to cycle and pray in Malawi.
  • The amount of money they have raised to help improve healthcare in Malawi.
  • The medical, nursing and dental students who want to spend their elective periods in mission hospitals.
  • The Order of St Lazarus of Jerusalem in financially supporting the student elective bursaries.

Prayer points

  • Safe travelling for all going overseas.
  • Good health and stamina for the cyclists.
  • Good relationships between the cyclists.
  • Good health for the students and good relationships with their work colleagues and the local community.
  • Opportunities for the students to grow in their faith and professional skills.