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Published 02 Jun 2016

This month we focus our prayers on our partner hospitals in India, which work to improve maternal and child health services. We are working with Duncan, Chhatarpur, and Madhipura Hospitals to achieve this.

Mothers and babies in rural India are put at unnecessary risk because of poor access to healthcare and health education. There are huge social problems, such as marriage of girls as young as 11, alcoholism, domestic violence, poverty and the consequent risk of slavery.

Our aim is to reduce the risk of these by providing better care for pregnant women and their babies, both in the hospital and in the surrounding villages. This is happening by establishing a network of volunteers, setting up village clinics, improving referrals and upgrading hospital services.


Praise God

  • Praise God, who cares about the poor, for giving the hospitals the opportunity and privilege of working for His Kingdom in the surrounding villages.
  • Thank God for the love and unity among the project staff.
  • Praise God that the volunteers already recruited are having an impact in their communities.
  • Give thanks that peer educator training has gone well and that the project’s exposure visit went well.
  • Give thanks for project team members who are working hard in spite of the extremely hot weather this summer.
  • Give thanks for God’s provision and protection over the construction workers, while constructing the mother and child health block in the Christian Hospital, Chhatarpur.

Prayer Points

  • Pray for co-operation from government officials in the areas where this has not yet happened.
  • Pray for right project staff to be appointed.
  • Pray for new volunteer selection and training.
  • Pray that the new volunteers will understand their job responsibility and have a heart to serve people in their village.
  • Pray for resources for the projects and that they will be used wisely.
  • Pray for the protection of staff as they travel to remote villages every day.
  • Pray that ignorance and spiritual darkness would be lifted from these communities and that the truth will set them free.

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