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Published 15 Mar 2016

This month we are focusing on Mziche, a project in northern Malawi which aims to stop the spread of HIV from mother to child. This is also the focus of our activities over the coming months, so if you want to get your church involved you can find out more here.

Prayer Guide

You can download a prayer guide with the prayer points below and more information from here.

Praying for Children

  • Pray that children born into families with HIV would get the best start in life, that she would be free from HIV.
  • Give thanks for all those who are dedicated to protecting children from this disease.
  • Pray for the 180,000 children in Malawi living with HIV, that they would have the strength and care they need.
  • Give thanks that, with the right support, no child must be born with HIV.

Praying for Malawi

  • Pray for those still rebuilding their lives after the floods.
  • Pray for a quick return to good harvest and an end to flood and drought.
  • Pray that food aid would get to those who need it most, particularly those living with HIV.
  • Pray for the dedicated Christian healthcare workers caring for people in such difficult circumstances.

Praying for life without HIV

  • Pray for Grace’s mother and others like her, that they would get the care they need to deliver their
    babies without HIV.
  • Pray for an end to HIV and for fullness of life for the people of Malawi.
  • Give thanks for the hope of each child born without HIV.