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  • Emergency food distribution continues in Malawi.

As you may remember in September last year we focussed on the food crisis in Malawi, where 80% of the population are farmers and last year their crops were badly affected by drought, particularly in the south and central region, with flash floods in the north. We knew then that with the harvest 6-7 months away, life would be difficult, but hoped that 2017 would see a better harvest. Unfortunately this doesn’t appear to be the case for everyone with again a lack of rain in the north and flooding in some areas of the south and centre.

Many households have run out of food and some people are existing on pumpkin leaves and husks. The Malawian government has imported some maize from Zambia but it’s selling at a higher price than many people can afford. Those suffering most from the lack of food are children under five, the elderly, pregnant women, people living with HIV/AIDS and those receiving palliative care. So far the number of children with malnutrition being admitted to hospital is increasing daily.

People who are HIV positive need to have food for their medication to be effective and to reduce side effects. As a result the LISAP (Livingstonia Synod Aids Programme) team are seeing more people with opportunistic infections.

Prayer Points

Please pray for

  • The government of Malawi as it deals with this ongoing crisis
  • Continued good rain in the areas that are getting it.
  • More, but not too much, rain for the north.
  • Pray that those families affected by drought or flooding will get the help and support they need.
  • Pray for staff coping daily with the consequences of the maize shortage
  • Hospital staff treating malnourished patients
  • Those working for LISAP and delivering palliative care that they may not feel disheartened that their efforts to support people is being undermined by lack of food.