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We live in a world where being born female is a health risk, where girls' lives are far short of this picture portrayed in scripture.

India has banned gender identification during pregnancy to tackle the scourge of foeticide. Even still, after birth, girls' lives are not always valued and, as a result, they are denied access to life-saving healthcare.
Our partners at Duncan Hospital, India, are not only providing quality healthcare but also opportunities and role models for girls who are working hard to lift themselves out of poverty. They are working with girls to provide vocational training, access to healthcare and protection from child marriage.

Copy of Every Girl Matters.pngSanja was one girl whose life was transformed as a result of the work of Duncan Hospital. She was engaged to be married at just 15 years old. When hospital staff came to her village she was given access to life-saving healthcare, but also life-transforming vocational training.

Sanja trained in tailoring and was able to learn skills that help her to provide for herself and her family. Now, five years on, Sanja is part of the team who train other girls and she is a role-model to these young women as they fight to lift themselves out of poverty.

We believe that girls' lives matter, that every life matters. Thank you for praying with us that every girl would know this to be true.

Giving thanks…

  • For the work of the Duncan Hospital in helping girls in Bihar, India, to break the cycle of sickness and poverty.
  • For the transformation in Sanja’s life and her willingness to share that with others.
  • For the opportunity to show girls that, despite what their culture and the world around them tells them, their lives do matter.

Please pray for…

  • The team from Duncan hospital. For safety and strength as they travel to remote villages to bring health and hope.
  • The expansion of the vocational training so more young people that can get access to skills and training that will help them lift themselves and their communities out of poverty.
  • All of EMMS International’s partners, each of when has an opportunity to redress the balance by giving women and girls access to quality healthcare.