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"Cast your burden on the Lord, and he will sustain you." Psalm 55v22

When healthcare resources are stretched thin, it is imperative that they are used for the maximum benefit. That’s why our partners at Nkhoma Mission Hospital, in central Malawi, are working with local health centres to improve access to lifesaving healthcare for hundreds of thousands of people with terminal conditions. People like Olipa.

India - Green (7).pngOlipa (pictured right) has cervical cancer and was once without medication, leaving her in terrible pain and unable to sleep. Her husband could do little to help her through the illness. He subsequently divorced her, leaving her without the means to support herself and her family. She used to farm but due to the severe pain, she could hardly move. Feeling hopeless, her poverty was exacerbated by her illness.

Thankfully, Olipa has found hope through the work of the home care team from Nkohma Mission Hospital, who visit her once a month and provide her with palliative care support.

“They cheer me up. I’m happy when I see them coming because I know that my pain will be taken away. I’m honoured that people would come and spend time with me.”

Giving thanks…

  • For the work of Nkhoma Mission Hospital and the healthcare staff, that, despite a lack of resources, they will be able to show love, compassion and deliver quality healthcare to those who need it most.
  • For the medical knowledge and ability of the home care team, who visit Olipa and others like her on a regular basis.
  • For continued opportunities to work with local partners, such as Nkhoma Mission Hospital in Malawi, to improve palliative care within the country.

Please pray for…

  • The people living in the rural areas of Malawi, that they would receive the healthcare they need.
  • Nkhoma Mission Hospital’s home care team, that they continue to bring health and hope to those they treat.
  • Olipa, that she will continue to benefit from the medication she still receives, and that she will feel a sense of purpose once again.