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You may already have heard from us, or in the news, about the plight of more than 6 million people in Malawi who are going hungry.

Malawi, with a population of about 16 million people, remains one of the poorest countries in the world with half the country living on less than £1 per day. 80% of the population are farmers and this year their crops have been severely affected by drought particularly in the south and central region and flash floods in the north.

The situation in the south of the country is the worst with many households having harvested only 10% of their usual crop. Maize is being sold at prices 3 times higher than expected at this time of year, a situation in which the poor are most adversely affected and there is already hunger with the next harvest eight months away.

The scarcity of maize will have a significant impact on the projects supported by EMMS International, as efforts are directed towards providing food. In addition without adequate food, medication for treating HIV infections is ineffective; general immunity is reduced and the number of children being admitted with malnutrition places increased demands on the hospitals.

Currently there is an urgent need for food, particularly in the south and in all regions there is a need for seed and fertilizer for the next growing season.

Prayer Points

Please pray:

  • For effective and fair distribution of supplies
  • For the setting up of hunger funds to particularly help patients with HIV infection
  • For health and strength for hospital and community staff with increased workload
  • For wisdom for those with management responsibilities to know how to allocate resources in this time of scarcity
  • For village health committee members who are struggling to feed their own families, yet want to have time and energy to help their communities
  • For a good response to the appeal for extra funds for Malawi
  • Giving thanks for the Scottish Government match-funding of EMMS International's Emergency Food Crisis Appeal

Emergency Appeal: Malawi Food Crisis

Emergency Appeal: Malawi Food Crisis image

The people of Malawi are facing a food crisis. More than 6.5 million people are going hungry, many not even knowing when they will eat next. The Scottish Government will match your gift to Malawi.


Harvest Supper - Malawi Food Crisis

Harvest Supper - Malawi Food Crisis image

Harvest resources - Get together for fun, food and fellowship and help stop the hunger in Malawi.