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Green Healthcare

EMMS International and its partners are striving to improve the quality, accessibility, sustainability and environmental impact of healthcare facilities and infrastructure. 

So far, we’ve installed solar power in four large rural partner hospitals in Malawi and India. Each hospital had unique challenges to overcome, but together we found the solution to clean energy, reliable power supplies, and reduced energy bills. By broadening our scope and sharing knowledge and expertise with other NGOs and agencies, together we’re making a difference.

Mulanje Mission Hospital, Malawi

With erratic power, increasing electricity and diesel costs, Kachhwa Hospital in Uttar Pradesh, India, had been hoping to switch to solar power for a long time. With the help of EMMS International, the hospital has been able to install an off-grid solar power plant. Patients and medical staff no longer face the worry of long hours of power outages, with the entire hospital powered by solar power during the day. Now the hospital is working towards installing solar streetlamps around its campus.

Kachhwa Hospital, Uttar Pradesh, India

Our most recent programme to install solar power with our partners at Jiwan Jyoti Hospital in Uttar Pradesh, India, is estimated to cut its yearly electricity use by 75%. As well as reducing the environmental impact, the hospital's energy bills will drop significantly and savings can be used for urgently needed healthcare.

Mulanje Mission Hospital, Malawi

With support from EMMS International, Mulanje Mission Hospital in Malawi has been able to renovate its solar power system. Patients are now safer, with a high-quality emergency power system which is able to manage reliable, ongoing power for oxygen. Since the removal of overhead lines, previously regular lightning strikes have not occurred. Its new system integrates the use of grid electricity, solar-generated electricity and battery back-up. The hospital's electricity bills have been reduced by 60.6% and staff can now rely on the electricity supply in all part of the hospital, enabling them to focus on patient care.

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