Healthcare Scholarships 

A scholarship will secure the future of a student who will serve on the front line of community healthcare in Malawi. This amazing opportunity will give them the chance to gain a qualification, serve their community and also enjoy the prosperity that comes with having a career. It will also bring hope to 100,000 Malawians whose healthcare is currently being under-served and will show them that their lives matter.

What's involved?

The following costs include course fees, accommodation, equipment and teaching materials to become a Registered Nurse Midwife, Palliative Care Specialist or Clinical Officer:

  • £1,454 funds 1 student for 1 year

  • £4,362 funds 1 student's entire 3-year degree

  • Monthly option of £121.17


What you will receive

  • Biannual updates

  • Certificate of thanks

  • The knowledge that you are changing and saving lives in Malawi for decades to come


To partner with us and invest in the future of Malawi, please download the brochure below and complete the form enclosed or contact if you have any questions.