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Healthcare Scholarships 

The scholarship fund supports women into healthcare careers as doctors, nurses, medical assistants, medical lab technicians and auxiliary nurse midwives. A scholarship will secure the future of a student who will serve on the front line of community healthcare in Malawi, India or Nepal. This amazing opportunity will give them the chance to gain a qualification, serve their community and also enjoy the prosperity that comes with having a career. It will also bring hope to rural communities whose healthcare is currently being under-served and will show them that their lives matter.

What's involved?

The costs of studying for the professional qualifications required for a healthcare career are unaffordable to most young women. Your support means that female students who have worked hard and shown academic strength will have the opportunity to pursue their chosen careers, regardless of their financial background.


You can help cover the costs of studying by sponsoring:

  • A nurse in training for a year - £1,830

  • A doctor in training for a year - £1,428

  • A medical lab technician in training for a year - £1,052

With your help, we can raise up a generation of healthcare workers and change the outlook for girls in rural communities.

To partner with us and invest in young women and the future healthcare workforce, please contact

Firstly, if it was not for EMMS International, I could not have been where I am today. You took me at the time I needed help most in my life. I was hopeless that I wouldn’t make it this far because my parents could not manage to provide the much-needed financial support to complete my studies. You took me and treated me as your own daughter by providing everything a student needed.

Christina Mkandawire
Nurse Midwife Technician