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EMMS International's Malawi Bike Ride 2022

Take on your own Malawi cycle challenge

The famous Malawi challenge is back – this time bigger and better than ever.  EMMS International are renowned for its annual international Bike Ride – this year we are making it more accessible and environmentally friendly – because we know you care about the environment and the impact of climate change on the communities we seek to serve.


Due to the impact of climate change, the recent Storm Ana in Malawi has destroyed boreholes and water systems. Displaced people continue to live without access to safe water putting them at severe risk of disease including the current cholera outbreak. We need to do everything we can to help raise funds to improve water systems in places like Malawi and help hospitals treat patients dying from this terrible and needless disease.


By getting on our bikes at home, we will not only stop contributing to the effects of climate change, but we can also raise desperately needed funds to make a difference to the lives of those who are experiencing cholera and other diseases.


You can choose to travel anywhere in Malawi for your personal challenge.  Choose your route, choose your distance, choose your pace.  The Malawi Bike Ride can be completed anytime until the end of November anywhere in the world! Raise over £400 and you will receive a free special edition Malawi Bike Ride 22 cycling top.

How can I get involved?

It’s easy, first you will want to decide if you will be participating solo or with a team (we recommend getting as many friends and family involved as possible).  Choose a challenge most suitable for you – this can be absolutely anything!


As a guide, we have listed several (increasingly arduous) journeys across Malawi – many reflect the journeys people have to take to access specialist medical support.  Choose a journey you can manage or push yourself that extra mile and challenge yourself! 

  • Phalombe to Mulanje Mission Hospital – 29.5 miles

  • Blantyre to Mulanje Mission Hospital - 41 miles

  • Zomba to Malawi Mission Hospital - 69 miles

  • Dedza to Mulanje Mission Hospital – 177 miles

  • Salima to Mulanje Mission Hospital – 205 miles

  • Mzuzu to Mulanje Mission Hospital – 417 miles

  • Chitipa to Mulanje Mission Hospital – 610 miles

These journeys end at Mulanje Mission Hospital to help inspire you to go the extra mile to provide vital healthcare services.



Why get involved?

You may want to go it alone or with friends and family; you decide. You can divide the distance between you in a way that works best for you.

Physical and Mental Benefits

As well as the huge physical benefits of the challenge, improving your fitness and strength. Cycling is wonderful for you and your mental wellbeing, getting out in the fresh air on a regular basis can really help lift your mood and give you focus and time to think or reflect on your day. During your challenge you can also share the benefits that you are feeling with your supporters, keeping them engaged in your challenge journey.

Make a Difference in the Lives of the Most Marginalised

Of course, this is a fundraising challenge and every mile that you cycle will help raise funds for those living in poverty in Malawi, Northern India, Nepal and here in Scotland. You will be helping to improve healthcare access across the globe, to provide opportunities for the young, care for the sick and comfort for the dying. 


You are fundraising to give the greatest gift of all, the gift of hope!

Fundraise and Stay Connected

Set up a JustGiving page online and ask your friends and family to sponsor you:  

Online fundraising donations and ideas - JustGiving


Strava gives you the opportunity to automatically post your activities to your JustGiving Fundraising page to allow you to stay connected and show donors you mean business! It is free to create an account and users can choose to log in online or to download the android/iphone app.


To sign up and for additional information, please visit - Connecting your Fundraising Page to Strava – JustGiving Help

Sign up today to receive your Malawi route map and start planning your big event before the end of November 2022!

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