Holy Week of Bright Hope - Good Friday

Our Good Friday message comes from Rv Dr Rosie Magee of St Andrew's and St George's West Edinburgh. "Pardon for sin and a peace that endureth" is the appropriate hymn line as we remember Jesus' death. Please continue to like, share and comment on these messages of Bright Hope.

This day is the Friday that we call good. On Good Friday we lament Jesus' death on the cross. It is at the same time, the worst and best of human history. Because even through death on a cross, God's compassion doesn't fail. God's love reaches out reclaiming the very depths of our humanity. Offering in the words of the hymn, "pardon for sin and a peace that endureth."

Pardon for the sin of separation from one another and from God. Pardon for the sin of failing to see the image of God and every woman, man and child on the planet. And that pardon born of love, is for the sake of peace. Peace with justice and dignity for all is the only type of peace that can endure. It is the only type of peace that can bring and bear and honour the weight that Jesus took upon Himself on the cross.

The suffering of the world, the cross beckons us to hold the mystery of pain, to look right at it, and learn from it rather than turn away. In its ministry, EMMS international refuses to turn away through all its work, whether in Nepal, northern India, or Malawi. The respect and valuing of all human life are witnessed through the desire to bring compassion and hope to all people without exception.

Today is Good Friday. It's not a day for the empty cross of Easter. Not yet. But we are not consumed. I invite you to journey into the rest of this day with some words by the poet Anne Wemyss.

There are times when we must go heart long into the pain. Knowing it is the only way we will get to Easter living