Holy Week of Bright Hope - Saturday

Fi McLachlan of the Christian Medical Fellowship shares today's reflection. Taking her inspiration from "Strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow," she reminds us of the importance of asking God to renew our strength day by day.

My name is Fi McLachlan and I work with the Christian Medical Fellowship. Healthcare workers across the world have been working tirelessly through the time of the pandemic, in order to serve people in need. Here in the UK, our health care professionals have largely had the resources that we've needed to do that. Think of those people in other countries who have not had the oxygen, the machines that they need, the protective equipment that they've needed, as they've sacrificed themselves often tirelessly for people who are suffering from COVID.

We follow, as Christian healthcare professionals, in the footsteps of a saviour who suffered, the saviour who endured suffering in order to give His own life to bring us life. And for that we're immensely grateful. Hebrews 12 encourages us to fix our eyes on Jesus, as we seek to endure and persevere in serving. We need the strength to do that. A young Christian Doctor serving in northern Pakistan, setting up a COVID response unit, asking God daily for the strength to continue to serve. And don't we need that strength to serve day by day? Let's renew our commitment to persevere in the footsteps of the one who gave His life, the one who endured and who gives us strength for each day, for this day.