Holy Week of Bright Hope - Thursday

Rev Robin Hill of Longniddry Parish Church and Gladsmuir Parish Church has shared today's reflection with us. Thinking of the hymn line "Join with all nature in manifold witness" he reminds us of the vital link between a healthy planet and healthy societies.

My dad spent his working life teaching people about the amazing animal kingdom. As a zoologist, he did his best to get his three kids as fascinated as he was about the wonder of God's creation, from butterflies perched on a flower in the garden, to gannets, diving from enormous heights into the Firth of Forth. The natural world is truly awe-inspiring as we consider the way in which God has provided a planet that gives and gives and keeps on giving so much. That just makes us go whoa. Yet the experience of cop 26, just a few short months ago in the city of Glasgow shows us that humanity and ecology have to be partners and not rivals.

The integrity of God's creation is not some kind of added extra, which we might choose to bolt on to our hectic lives. It is an absolute necessity, which needs to be honoured if life on Earth is to flourish in the world of our children, and the world of our grandchildren. These are days of climate crisis. So people of faith must have the needs of our planet, front and centre in their minds. And more than this, we also need to consider the billions upon billions of people in places like Nepal, India, and Malawi, whose ways of living are having to change as a result of massive overconsumption of raw materials in countries such as our own.

EMMS International is a charity that cares deeply about the needs of our planet, and the needs of the families whose lives depend upon that planet. If you and I care too, and show that care, in the most practical of ways, then perhaps we also can join with all nature and manifold witness to God's great faithfulness, mercy and love