June Prayer Focus

Prayers for June shared by Rev Christine Sime, Dalgety Parish Church.

Prayer for the poor in our world in this time of Covid-19

God of all, the world around us has changed, and is changing; yet creation around us continues to display beauty, reminding us that you care for all you have made, you desire healing and wholeness for all.

Give us eyes of faith and love to continue to see individuals rather than statistics; to know each is loved by you; to be encouraged to continue to do all we can to bring dignity, compassion and peace wherever we are.

We remember the poorest in our world, the challenge of Covid-19 even greater for them, for already dire needs made greater: the struggle to find enough food, the lack of clean water and soap; the paucity of medicines, proper medical care. We remember the challenge to those living in areas so remote, others in areas so congested; some needing to travel to get food, others with no money to get the food they need. God, bless them, we pray.

We give thanks for those who are on those frontlines, giving their all because they believe that ‘every life matters’. Lord we pray for energy, for health, for your deep peace in the face of difficulties that threaten to overcome; we pray for an awareness of your presence with them as they reach out; your presence as they reach deep within.

Almighty, gracious God, sit, walk, rest, remain with each one; that they will know your power and healing in the lives of those around them, and in their own.

In Jesus’ name, Amen

A prayer for EMMS volunteers, supporters and staff

God of creation, renew you;

Jesus, companion, walk with you,

Holy Spirit, bringer of peace, inspire you.

May God’s love wrap around you and all you work with, Amen