Online Prayers

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

Building on the success of EMMS International’s online advent prayers, our next online prayers for health and hope in 2021 will be on Zoom on Wednesday 30th June at 9:30am. Amy Westendarp, our Trusts and Digital Supporter Care Manager, shares her thoughts on why our online prayers make a difference.

If I’d invited you to an online prayer event on Zoom in 2019, I wonder what your reply would have been? The coronavirus pandemic has, in so many ways, re-shaped how we live out our everyday faith as Christians. Recent research found that since 2020, churches across the UK have added more than 17,000 online services to the church-finding website Apps for personal prayer are also on the rise, like the Church of England prayer apps which have been used a record five million times in the past year.

Reflecting on the challenges and importance of praying in the last year, this quote from Timothy Keller seems particularly apt: “there is nothing more important, or harder, or richer… than prayer”. Your prayers make a huge difference to our work, and are never more needed than during coronavirus, which has put health inequalities around the world into such stark relief. We deeply value supporters like you who share our vision of good quality and dignified healthcare for all; our conviction that every life matters; and our desire to bring hope to people facing poverty and sickness.

And so, at a time when it’s been difficult to be together in person, EMMS’ online prayers are an opportunity for us to gather together online, hear directly from our international partners and EMMS team members about the charity’s work, and pray with them for health and hope.

I hope that these online gatherings will be a chance to take 30 minutes to enjoy fellowship together, help us focus our minds on the promise and hope in the bible, and remember that God cares deeply about the injustice, poverty and sickness He sees. Justin Welby once said that,

“as God changes us in prayer, He drives us out to be justice-seekers, peacemakers, healers and bringers of good news”.

May it be so, even in a small way, as a result of you taking part in our online prayers. I look forward to seeing you online on Wednesday 30th June at 9.30am. Find out more and sign up.