Prayer Focus - May

Updated: Jun 26

I urge you, brothers and sisters, by our Lord Jesus Christ and by the love of the Spirit, to join me in my struggle by praying to God for me. - Romans 15:30

Sometimes prayer feels like a struggle because we're lacking motivation or because the weight of concerns just seems too great. Such an experience is particularly true as we look at the situation around us and around our world.

However, Paul also tells us that prayer is a means to join the struggle. He urges us to participate in the work of the kingdom, to share struggles and not simply observe.

  1. As local elections draw near in Nepal (13 May) we pray for a fair and peaceful process that would bring leadership that works hard for people's health and wellbeing. There is also apprehension that travel for voting could see COVID cases rise again and disrupt vaccination efforts. We pray for health and protection as people go to the polls.

  2. We pray for the ongoing effort to contain an outbreak of wild poliovirus in Malawi. So far only one case has been recorded, the first in 30 years, but this has sparked a vaccination drive to reach 2.9 million children under 5 years, each with the four-dose svaccination regimen.

  3. We continue to pray for those whose lives and health are affected by our global climate crisis. In particular, we think of those affected by the deadly heatwave in India. Extreme temperatures are believed to have contributed to 6,500 deaths since 2020, and current temperatures are among the hottest ever. We pray for health and strength, particularly for the most vulnerable and for those trying to care for them.

  4. We give thanks for committed fundraisers who have been out in force to support the work of EMMS International. We give thanks for those who participated in the Glasgow Kiltwalk and pray for those preparing for upcoming events.