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Gifts for Life

Your Donations Doubled

Gifts for Life are donations made by you on behalf of your friends or loved ones. As part of our Every Girl Matters appeal, your gifts will be doubled by the UK government until 19 February 2021. Match funding from the UK government will help families in rural Nepal get the care they need at or close to home. This lifts the burden from more young girls so they are free to return to school and enjoy the opportunities of an education.

How does it work?

  1. Choose and order the gift or gifts that your friends and family will appreciate.

  2. Select "print your own" and we'll send you a download link to print your own gift card, otherwise, we'll send you a special gift tag by post to give to them on the special day.

  3. Your gift will go to support vital health programmes where the need is greatest.

  4. Your gift will be matched by the UK government to provide rural palliative care in Nepal.

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