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Celebrating 50 years of Malawian Independence

Published 15 Jul 2014

Celebrating 50 years of Malawian Independence

EMMS International and The Scotland Malawi Partnership have joined forces to help celebrate 50 years of Independence in Malawi. From 6th July-12th July, Mercure Hotel Edinburgh will join many other Universities, Local Authorities, churches and tourist attractions across Scotland who will be flying the Malawi flag to commemorate this special occasion.

The hotel, was host to a meeting where Dr David Livingstone addressed the Edinburgh Medical Missionary Society on his visit to Malawi. It is therefore a fitting place to celebrate longstanding partnership with Malawi to bring health and healing.

We continue to partner with organisations in Malawi, working together to stop the spread of HIV, provide access to palliative care, improve primary healthcare and more. We pray for a healthy and prosperous future for Malawi.

To commemorate the exciting links between Scotland and Malawi, the SMP will be launching a new campaign and website, which will be going live on Sunday 6th July. ‘50 Stories for 50 Years’ will demonstrate the many links Scotland’s business, charities, schools and individuals have with Malawi by sharing their story in 50 second videos and 50 word messages.

Our chief executive, James Wells, shares his 50 word story:

“I’m always struck that Malawians have time for each other.  My mother-in-law’s carers barely have time to provide a meal and a smile. When I visited Mary in Malawi, carers gave her time, friendship and compassion. Malawi learns healthcare through EMMS International; we learn the value of time in healthcare.”