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Cycle Malawi: Days 1 & 2

Published 08 Jul 2015

Our blogger, Morag Whitham, reports at the end of day 2 of Cycle Malawi 15.

Sitting by the beach at Nkhotakota, listening to the waves and knowing my meal is being prepared for me is just lovely! So much has happened in 2 days. A group of people coming together for a common purpose; a meeting of old friends for some and the making of new ones.

Cycle Malawi group 15.JPG

        Cycle Malawi 15 group setting off for Ntchisi Forest Reserve

The first day was on tarmac, followed by a gruelling climb up to Ntchisi. I cycled till the first break and didn't do the climb - I was utterly amazed by the group I am with. They all arrived at the lodge in time for the barbecue!

Day 2 was back down the hill – I had my first experience of ruts, stones, rocks and sore hands from gripping on! There’s so much encouragement from the team, everyone supports each other. We ended the day on the approach to Nkhotakota on a very sandy road but I was talked through it by Henk our tour guide, who supports, teaches and gets you on your bike when your courage is failing. I’m feeling a sense of achievement today. Cool

 Evelyn english class.jpg

      Evelyn Cook's impromptu english lesson with local children.

Mitchell Manson.jpg

        Tour guide Henk and bike rider Mitchell Manson