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Day 6: the last day on Cycle Malawi

Published 13 Jul 2015

Day 6  "Grace of God”

It is all over till another year or the next cycle! As it was said to us at the beginning "It will be over before you realise it" and that is so true. Day 6 was a shorter day so that we arrived in Nkhoma in time for lunch. A lovely ride over from Dedza - I had been feeling rough, so I could only manage the last 15k and even that was tough, but I suddenly realised I was behind a man on a bike with the sign attached "grace of God"! It was God who called me to this trip and He who was there at the end - by His grace.

on the road 2.JPG

                     the final kilometre

We all regrouped for the last kilometre and rode into the hospital together with balloons tied to our helmets - what an odd sight! We were greeted by lots of singing and dancing - very emotional! Lunch followed and then a very informative tour of the hospital. This appears to one of the better equipped and maintained hospitals that I have seen in Malawi. It was good to see the difference that all the fundraising will make in this area.

 at Nkhoma.jpg

We had a lovely dinner eating outside under the stars with speeches and an award ceremony - much hilarity ensued! The evening came to a close with Daniel leading devotions - again very special standing in the open air singing surrounded by people who were total strangers a week ago and now the closest of companions.

 REv Daniel.jpg

                 Rev Daniel Mwailu

Yesterday I said this was the hardest thing I'd ever done and that's true, but also the most challenging, most rewarding and most supported thing I've ever done. I may not have cycled it all, but I have cycled in Malawi, walked in Malawi, pushed my bike in Malawi and been bussed in Malawi - a very special place full of wonderful happy people - certainly the warm heart of Africa!

Morag Whitham