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Every Girl Matters: Sanja's Story

Published 18 Jul 2018

Untitled design (38).pngSanja Devi was engaged to be married at just 15 years old. Like countless girls in Bihar, she faced a life marred by poverty and devoid of prospects.

It was then that she heard about the work of the Duncan Hospital in her community. Not only were they providing life-saving healthcare, but also life-transforming vocational training.

Determined to live a life that mattered, she signed up for a tailoring course so she could provide for herself and her family. Her family helped her buy a sewing machine and her determination saw her complete the course in record time.

When her father-in-law had an accident, she was forced to sell her sewing machine to pay for hospital bills. Undeterred, Sanja saved what little she could and sold her jewellery to buy another sewing machine.

Duncan Hospital are helping girls like Sanja escape the cycle of sickness and poverty by providing essential, life-saving healthcare and helping them access vocational training.

Untitled design (32).pngFive years on, Sanja and her family have a reliable income that is helping lift them and their communities out of poverty. She now works as a teacher on the Duncan Hospital youth for GIRLS project passing on the skills that she has learned. She is the perfect role model for her eight protegees, showing what can be achieved when you put your mind to it. She hopes to see all girls become confident business women like her, making a difference in their families and villages.


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