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In the news... eHospice

Published 27 Nov 2014

The following is an extract from an article published at eHospice on 12/11/14.

EMMS International, the Edinburgh-based Christian healthcare charity, has launched its Sunday’s Child Appeal to raise essential funds to support palliative care in Malawi.

"This appeal will result in a step-change improvement for palliative care across Malawi, with a particular focus on children and adults living in rural communities."

The impact of this appeal will be significant, with every donation made between 1 November 2014 and 31 January 2015 matched pound-for-pound by the UK government.

As well as raising essential funds, the appeal will show how lives, families and communities can be transformed through effective palliative care. It will highlight lack of pain relief and end of life care as being a global public health emergency. 

These powerful messages will improve public understanding about palliative care, raise awareness about the positive impact that sound investment in international development can have, and celebrate the role of the UK public supported by the UK government.

Sunday’s Child tells the stories of people helped by the project, including a young girl with cancer and the burden of care placed upon her mother and grandmother, and the need for medical professionals to be educated and equipped to help them.

Read the full article here