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Malawi Floods Update

Published 12 Mar 2015

Your generous support has helped our partners in Mulanje and Blantyre to offer an emergency response to those affected by the floods.

In Mulanje

Your support, along with a grant from the Scottish Government, has:

  • Kept the generator running when the hospital was without power, keeping the hospital open to emergency and existing patients.
  • Prepared the hospital to receive cholera patients by renovating an isolation ward and purchasing emergency supplies such as latex gloves, saline, syringes and body bags.
  • Provided emergency supplies for 400 patients
  • Renovated a hospital toilet block which was washed away by flood waters
  • Fitted emergency solar lighting in two wards

In Blantyre

Thanks to your generosity Palliative Care Support Trust (PCST) have been able to help 751 families by providing shelter, food and cooking equipment to people in flood-affected areas.

These essential supplies are a lifeline to those who lost their homes and livelihoods to the floods.

This included the family of Ndirande, a child with HIV. When their home fell down in the rain the family including Ndirande, a palliative care patient, were scattered between relatives and neighbours. The team were able to give them the supplies they needed while they worked out how to begin rebuilding their lives.

Continuing needs…

With more than 60 confirmed cases of cholera so far, our appeal to help those affected continues.

While the hospital is prepared to receive cholera patients, Mulanje hospital wants to stop the spread of the disease. You can help protect the 84,000 people in the Mulanje district from cholera and other diseases.

There have been cases of cholera in Nasanje and Phalombe districts, just 30km from Mulanje Mission Hospital.