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News from Nepal

Published 24 Feb 2017

Thank you to everyone who has supported our Advent and Christmas Appeal for Nepal. Through your prayer and giving you have helped Nurse Manju and her colleagues reach out with love and care.

Here is a brief update on what has been happening over the last couple of months, including some very exciting news from Nurse Manju.

Reaching out after the earthquake

15493573_10211418134551200_6466380637753198200_o.jpgNurse Manju, Dr Dan Munday, and research assistant Regina have continued their work to assess the impact of the earthquake on those who are sick and vulnerable.

80% of Nepal's people live in rural areas making it nearly impossible to access care. Many have still not been able to return to their homes because of earthquake damage.

Making the news

The team in Nepal were visited by STV News late last year, you can catch up on the coverage here. They shared their thanks for all who tuned in and gave and prayed as a result. It was a real encouragement to know that they were not alone in their work. The staff at Green Pastures Hospital, Pokhara, were able to get together to watch the coverage online.

Sharing Learning

By supporting healthcare workers in Nepal you are also helping improve the delivery of palliative care in other countries too.


Dan, Regina and Manju along with other colleagues from Nepal presented to the Indian Association of Palliative Care International Conference earlier this month.

They shared about the role of palliative care following natural disaster, the need for improved service across Nepal, and how care can be delivered through a rural hospital.

Well done to all of the team for their presentations.

Manju's News

Manju is very pleased to share news of her engagement. Congratulations, Manju and Enosh!


She and Regina are both getting married in April, between rural research visits, further study and conference presentations, please join us in praying for them both.