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Preparing to Pedal&Pray

Published 15 Jun 2017

Rosemary King and her husband Peter are taking part in the Pedal&Pray Malawi Challenge 2017 in a few weeks time. Rosemary tells us how she has been preparing for the challenges ahead.


Rosemary King training.jpg

'Ten years ago I participated in the EMMS bike ride through Israel in support of the Nazareth Hospital and ever since then I have been keen to repeat the adventure, but the time has never been right. Until, last autumn…. when I received the flyer about the Malawi challenge I was about to retire and no longer had pressing family commitments at home, maybe this is now the right time?

Thus began several months reflection, and the decision was made when my husband Peter decided to sign up too. We have been supporters of EMMS for some years, and always humbled and inspired by their work in the poorest countries of the world, improving health care. Peter and I are both keen cyclists and the chance to visit Malawi and see the work of EMMS for ourselves is a timely opportunity.

Over the past 3 months we have been busy fundraising, learning about Malawi and some Chechewa, and training when the wind and rain on East Coast Scotland has not been too inclement! We have been overwhelmed by the generosity of friends and strangers donating to make a difference to the “Mother Buddy” programme, and realise the need to report back in detail on our return.

As well as excitement, I must admit to a degree of trepidation and anxiety about the challenge...I have never been to Africa before, how will I cope with the climate? the bugs? the roads? the poverty?  But I know we will be very well looked after by the EMMS team and that the camaraderie and support from other cyclists will go a long way to seeing us through any tough times, as well as prayer support from people at home.

As I write this blog watching the wet rain water my garden, its hard to believe that in a few weeks time we will be smelling the dry heat and dust of Africa.. but I am looking forward to what I expect to be physical, emotional and spiritual challenge, and where that leads….'

Rosemary King

Peter king book sale 3.JPG

Rosemary fundraising at the book sale