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Running for a reason

Published 25 May 2016

Jamila is taking part in the women's only 10K run in Glasgow, 5th June. She's running to raise money for EMMS International. Here she speaks about this event with two weeks to go. 

Tell us a bit about yourself. 

I am 38, a mother of 3 and relocated to Scotland from Bermuda 4 years ago. I am not physically active which makes this challenge huge for me.  

Have you ever completed an event like this before?  

No, this is my first event.  

Why did you sign up for this event?  

Just listening to the stories of the women and children suffering reminded me of how much I actually take for granted and inspired me to want to do something that would help those living in poverty, needing healthcare/palliative care.   

How have you been preparing and how has the training been going? 

I have tried to follow the recommended 6 week training plan.  It hasn’t been easy with my asthma, but I have found that every day I can jog a bit further.  

Do you have any worries about this event?  

I worry that I will not finish.  

What do you hope will be the outcome?  

I hope there are a few outcomes: 
I finish safely.
EMMS International and its work gets recognised.
People want to find out more about EMMS and support their work 

What tips would you give other people who are planning to do this 10k run?  
Train if you are not normally physically active. 
When you feel you are about to give up- remember the cause you are doing it for and try to finish – even if you walk it.  

What will you use to motivate yourself during the run?  

Motivation during the run will be a few things:

Listening to music to help keep me going. 
The reminder of all those who pledged because they believed in the cause and had faith that I could finish the race.
The huge impact that me running is going to make in people's lives. 

This run is to show solidarity and support for women in some of the poorest communities. Sponsorship raised will help to provide effective health education to tackle the injustices girls face today.

If this has inspired you to join an event for EMMS International, there are still places available for this event, and you can also check out what other events we have planned here.