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Scottish Government support emergency flood response

Published 22 Jan 2015

EMMS International is grateful to be receiving £4,500 from the Scottish Government to support the response to severe flooding in Malawi.

The Scottish Government working with the Scotland Malawi Partnership will provide £30,000 in direct aid to local efforts already underway including EMMS International’s flood response in Mulanje.

International Development Minister Humza Yousaf said:

“We hear about the adversity so many people in Malawi encounter on a daily basis just trying to get an education, keep themselves healthy and stay safe. It is clear that we must do all that we can to help our friends in Malawi overcome the effects of these devastating floods.

David Hope-Jones, Principal Officer of the Scotland Malawi Partnership said:

“Scotland stands alongside its friends and partners in Malawi in support and solidarity at this most challenging time. We welcome the fast and effective response from both the Scottish Government and the people of Scotland.”

Those wishing to support those affected by the flood can do so here.