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Second Earthquake in Nepal

  • Patients are moved outside after second quake damages hospital.

Published 12 May 2015

There has been another major earthquake in Nepal, this time one of magnitude 7.3 which struck at 12:35 pm local time. Significant aftershocks are also being reported.

The epicentre was east of Kathmandu, near Everest, approximately 50 miles from the capital. It was also felt in Pokhara and in neighbouring India and Bangladesh. Buildings already weakened by last month’s quake collapsed, though, thankfully, there was not the same level of destruction.

We are thankful that all partner staff are accounted for and safe.

A further 65 people have been killed and more than 2,000 injured. Although not near as deadly as the earthquake of 26th April, this is a devastating blow to the country, bringing yet more uncertainty and fear to those who were beginning to rebuild their lives.

Our partners, INF Nepal, also report that this quake has further damaged parts of Green Pastures Hospital in Pokhara. As a result, patients already traumatised by the first quake will be sleeping on the veranda of the new Spinal Cord unit. This facility specialises in the care and rehabilitation of people with spinal injuries and will be a crucial part of INF’s continuing earthquake response.

Our partners have requested that you please pray:

  • for those who have lost loved ones near the epicentre of this new earthquake
  • for people in the affected regions who, once again, don't feel safe in their own homes, particularly the children struggling to come to terms with their experiences, and for their parents and teachers, trying to help them while working through their own feelings
  • for wisdom for INF's leaders as they seek to decide how best to utilise personnel and resources, in order to meet current and future needs resulting from the earthquake
  • that government officials will act wisely in managing the aid and rebuilding the country's infrastructure

Help those affected by both earthquakes by supporting our Emergency Appeal.