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STV in Nepal

Published 26 Oct 2016

We're delighted that STV News have featured the work of our partners in Nepal who working to improve palliative care. 

STVNewsLogo.jpgFrom Monday 28th November, the work of EMMS International in Nepal was shared on STV News at 6, over three evenings that week.

See for yourself the stories of Nurse Manju, Nepal's first palliative care nurse specialist, and her patients and the continuing impact of last year's earthquakes on the most vulnerable people.

This gives you an amazing opportunity to see for yourself how lives can be transformed by providing pain relief, showing compassion and sharing God's love.

It was a privilege to visit our partners INF, with Susan Ripoll from STV News in mid-November. While there we saw the work of the dedicate few who are committed to seeing palliative care develop, especially in remote and rural parts of Nepal.

We saw the effects of the earthquake and how communities are still dealing with the aftermath more than 18 months later.

Please share these articles with friends and family and show them the kind of work that you support. It could inspire them to get involved.