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Sunday's Child: Thank You

Published 01 Apr 2015

Thank you for supporting the Sunday's Child appeal to make sure that for children in Malawi with cancer, care won't stop when there isn't a cure.

Thanks to your support, the appeal raised over £1 million including match funding from the UK government.

The Sunday's Child project is now fully funded and will grow as a result of your kindness. This amazing total also means additional funds for other end-of-life care projects in Malawi, India and Nepal.

Throughout the appeal you heard stories like those of Tadala, Gloria and Cynthia. You heard how quality care and pain relief transformed their lives, however short.

The Sunday's Child project will mean that more children like them will receive the pain relief and care they need. Through your generosity more than 40,000 people in Malawi will be shown care, love and compassion when they need it most.

Patrick's story

Patrick relies upon his family and the care team from Mulanje Mission Hospital. A large tumour on his leg means he can barely walk, let alone work. He told us repeatedly during our visit, how thankful he was for the help he receives.


His main concern was not his own pain, but that his family was cared for. You have helped secure the care that Patrick needs. You have eased the burden on his family so they can work, go to school and be his family not just his carers.

Patrick asked for just one thing. "Keep doing this. Do more of this. Not just for me, but for people like me." You have answered his request in such an amazing way. Thank you.

UK AidInternational Development Secretary Justine Greening said:

"In countries where there are few or no palliative care services available it is often left up to female family members to look after ill relatives. This limits chances for girls and women to complete their education or find a job and creates a cycle of poverty that is difficult to escape.

"By matching pound for pound all public donations to EMMS' 'Sunday's Child' appeal, we can train health workers in Malawi to provide support for more than 40,000 people, many in need of around the clock care. That means relatives can return to school or to work and ultimately have a better future."