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Suntali's Story of Hope

Published 29 Nov 2018

suntali.jpgEvery Life Matters this Christmas

To be told that you have cancer is terrifying news for any parent. For Suntali, a homeless widow with two small children, it was devastating.

Whilst being treated for leprosy, she was diagnosed with malignant skin cancer. In addition to the excruciating pain, the emotional pain of being homeless and fearing for the safety of her children left Suntali hopeless. She believed that her life did not matter.

You can prove to people like Suntali, and her children, that their lives do matter.

Thankfully, hope came to Suntali in the form of the amazing person-centred care offered at EMMS-supported Green Pastures Hospital. It was here that she received much needed holistic palliative care, meeting her physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs.

Your support means EMMS International can continue to support Green Pastures Hospital and the palliative care work they provide. 

Suntali now has hope for the future. Her children are happy in a nearby Christian Children's home and are receiving an education. Suntali is in remission. Although she still manages significant symptoms, Suntali has now started training to be a tailor in order to provide for her family in the future.

However, there are thousands of people like Suntali currently living in rural Nepal with no such care available to them. It is hard to imagine being so vulnerable and desperate. Together we can change that.

This Christmas, we need your help to continue to change lives like Suntali's through better healthcare and to bring hope where sadly hope is often lacking. We know that every life matters in our world. Please give what you can and join us in offering health for today and hope for tomorrow. 

Show every life matters here today