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Why I'm a 175 Friend

  • 175 Friend Maureen Gowans at the anniversary reception

Published 23 Mar 2017

175 Friends are individuals who have committed to supporting healthcare workers in India, Malawi and Nepal who are working hard to bring health and hope. Maureen Gowans tells us a little bit about what inspired her to become a 175 Friend.

How did you get involved with EMMS International?

As a child growing up in a Christian home in Edinburgh I was aware of the Edinburgh Medical Missionary Society from an early age. Then as a medical student I had hoped to do an elective at the Nazareth Hospital but the Six Days war put an end to that. In recent years I was looking for a way to support the work that friends have been doing in Northern Malawi, when the resource Inspiring Hope was published. I realised that that provided a way for me as a retired doctor with an interest in palliative care to support the development of palliative care in in Northern Malawi.

What made you become a 175 Friend?

I had met people in Malawi who were receiving support from EMMS International and had learned of the benefits that their work was producing. I wanted to celebrate that, to see such work continuing and to hear of other work being supported.

Why do you think supporting healthcare workers overseas is important?

Many health care workers overseas are working in difficult situations with limited resources. They need practical support, but also the encouragement of knowing that what they are doing is being recognised.

What 175 Events have you attended? What event(s) did you enjoy? 

The Exhibition reminded me of childhood memories of the Cowgate Dispensary and Hawthorne Brae as well as the opportunity to see photographs of friends in Malawi and their work  I found both the meeting in New College “ From Pioneer to Partner” and at The Scottish Parliament “Religions of the World Charter for Palliative Care” very thought-provoking with excellent speakers and the opportunity for informal discussion.

You too can become a 175 Friend and support committed Christian healthcare workers who are working tirelessly to bring health and hope. Find out more