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COVID-19: Every Life Matters Appeal

Continuing Coronavirus Response


COVID-19 continues to be one of the largest global health crises that many of us have seen. Yet for countries whose healthcare systems were already stretched to breaking point it is one crisis on top of many others.

Over the last decade, your support has helped EMMS International and its partners to strengthen healthcare systems in Malawi, India and Nepal. You've helped them to prepare for this latest, unexpected challenge. It's important that we continue to stand by vulnerable communities and show that every life matters in a global pandemic.

Coronavirus in Malawi, India and Nepal

Your support is never more needed in the countries where we work.

  • In Malawi, where there are just 25 intensive care unit beds and seven ventilators for a population of 18 million people.

  • In India, the country with the second highest number of coronavirus cases globally, where the virus continues to spread through the country of 1.3 billion people at the fastest rate of anywhere in the world.

  • In Nepal, where one in four people live in extreme poverty and lockdown restrictions are adding to the daily burdens of millions of people including preventing access to healthcare.

A long COVID crisis

Our primary focus is to make sure our local health workers are as protected and as prepared as they can possibly be for what lies ahead of them.  Each country is seeing growing numbers of cases and our partners are on the frontline of helping to prevent the spread of the virus.

With your help, we can continue to equip them for this front-line battle that shows few signs of easing. They urgently need Personal Protection Equipment, sanitation supplies and the means to quickly assess patients. 

  • One bucket and soap - £4.50

  • Two Infrared thermometers - £40

  • Six PPE kits - £10​0

As is often the case in times of emergency it is the poorest and most vulnerable who are hit hardest. As economies slow and lockdown restrictions continue to take hold hunger is a growing issue for vulnerable families. Our partners are continuing to serve the wider health needs of their communities and that includes sharing emergency food parcels.


It costs £13.20 to help a poor and at-risk family. A gift of £66 provides food packs for 5 vulnerable families, protecting them from hunger and sickness amid this pandemic.

Making a donation...

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