COVID-19: Every Life Matters Appeal

The scale of the challenge and the need to act now.


We've seen the scale of COVID-19's impact as its epicentre has moved between China, Europe and North America. Even with developed healthcare systems, the loss of life has been devastating. We are just weeks away from the unthinkable as COVID-19 gets a grip in the countries where we work. There are now confirmed cases reported in Malawi, Nepal and Bihar, North India.


Global inequalities will increase as the poor and vulnerable living in the poorest countries in the world feel the full force of COVID-19. The impact of the pandemic is sure to be greater than we can imagine. Health systems in these regions are among the weakest in the world and they desperately need our full support now. In Europe, there’s one doctor for every 300 people, while in many African countries, there’s only one doctor for every 70,000 people. In Malawi, there are just 25 intensive care unit beds and seven ventilators for a population of more than 18 million people.


As an experienced international health care charity, EMMS International is well placed to work with our local health partners on the front line in Nepal, Malawi and Bihar in North India.

A crisis unfolding

Our primary focus is to make sure our local health workers are as protected and as prepared as they can possibly be for what lies ahead of them.  Each country is seeing growing numbers of cases and our partner are on the frontline of helping to prevent the spread of the virus.

With your help, we can equip them for this front-line battle. They urgently need Personal Protection Equipment, sanitation supplies and the means to quickly assess patients. 

  • One bucket and soap - £4.50

  • Two Infrared thermometers - £40

  • Six PPE kits - £10​0

As is often the case in times of emergency it is the poorest and most vulnerable who are hit hardest. As economies slow and lockdown restrictions take hold hunger is a growing issue for vulnerable families. Our partners are continuing to serve the wider health needs of their communities and that includes sharing emergency food parcels.


It costs £13.20 to help a poor and at-risk family. A gift of £66 provides food packs for 5 vulnerable families, protecting them from hunger and sickness amid this pandemic.

By country

In Malawi, our partner hospitals are currently gathering essential cleaning and protective equipment to keep staff and patients safe. They continue to visit vulnerable palliative care patients in the community.

In Nepal, our partner, INF Nepal's Green Pastures Hospital, is operating a ‘fever clinic’ at the hospital gate and recently checked a group of about 30 street children that were brought in by the police. The medical team is conducting training and orientation of staff on PPE use, medical treatment of COVID patients, hygiene and general education about the pandemic. They are also looking at how to support their most vulnerable patients in the community during the pandemic.

In India, the Duncan Hospital in rural Bihar,  requires a 1-month supply of PPE in case they have to start treating COVID-19 patients, and they do not expect the government to pay for this. They too are supporting their local communities in preventing the spread of coronavirus.

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