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The projects

  • Helping some of the world's most vulnerable people

"Finally, all of you, be like-minded, be sympathetic, love one another, be compassionate and humble." 

Find out more about the work of compassionate and committed Christian healthcare workers and volunteers.


India: Palliative Care

When access to healthcare is so restricted, curative options are quickly exhausted. People are then left fearing the very real prospect of dying in unimaginable pain.

Malawi: Palliative Care

Care cannot stop when there isn't a cure. This project makes sure this happens by training more specialist healthcare workers in Malawi.

UK: Hawthorn Brae Grants

Respite holidays for people living in Edinburgh with life-limiting illnesses, enabling them to have an affordable break with a family member.

Student Elective Bursary

EMMS International offers bursaries to assist medical, dental, nursing and therapy students who are wishing to undertake an elective in a mission hospital.

Ekwendeni: Training Clinical Officers and Nurse Midwives

Providing more than 100 additional healthcare workers each year through new courses for clinical officers and registered nurse midwives.

Malawi: Health Empowerment

Improved services for AIDS and basic healthcare through empowerment and local democracy.

Nepal: Palliative Care

80% of people in Nepal live in rural areas where there is no access to pain relief and specialist care.

Malawi: Food Crisis Response

Devastating floods and crippling droughts are causing a food crisis in Malawi.

CMMT Nyanja Health

Helping remote lakeside communities in northern Malawi to access essential healthcare. Nyanja means 'lake' in Chichewa and Tumbuka.

Archived projects


UK: Hawthornbrae Grants (Pre-2015)
Respite holidays for people living in Edinburgh with life-limiting illnesses, enabling them to have an affordable break with a family member.

Delhi: Shalom HIV & AIDS Clinic
Shalom HIV & AIDS Clinic exists so that people living with these devastating conditions have somewhere they can go to receive care and compassion.

Mziche: Delivering life without HIV
Given the right support, a pregnant woman who is HIV+ can give birth to a healthy, disease-free baby.

Malawi: Palliative Care
Laying the foundations to grow palliative care provision across Malawi.

Dang: Protecting Mothers & Babies

Prem Jyoti: Protecting Mothers & Babies
Working to improve the health of mothers and babies in rural Jharkhand.

Mulanje: Primary Healthcare
Reducing the spread of diseases, improving the care of mothers and babies, and tackling malnutrition.

Nkhoma: Essential Healthcare
Working with Nkhoma Mission Hospital and local health centres to improve access to essential healthcare.

Malawi: Emergency Flood Response
Working with Mulanje Mission Hospital and Palliative Care Support Trust (Blantyre) to help those affected by devastating floods in January 2015.

Nepal: Emergency Earthquake Response
Helping rural communities affected by a massive earthquake in April 2015 by supplying food, shelter and emergency medical care.