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Dang: Protecting Mothers & Babies

Mothers and babies in rural Nepal are put at unnecessary risk because of poor access to healthcare and health education.

This project aims to correct this and prevent avoidable death during pregnancy, childbirth and infancy.

Simple yet life-saving information on safe motherhood will be shared through the creation of Mother Groups and the training support of community health volunteers.

 Mothers and babies in Nepal

Project Targets

EMMS International and INF are working on a maternal and child health project in the Dang district. The main objective of this 3 year project (2014-2017) is to increase the use of good quality maternal health services. By 2017, INF hopes to reach these targets:

  1. An increase in the number of pregnant women attending antenatal care visits from 45% to 78%.
  2. An increase in the number of women delivering babies in the presence of a skilled birth attendant, from 44% to 66%.
  3. 90% of the 131 Mother’s Group meetings, in the 6 Village Development Committees (VDC), are held monthly; and the groups use their emergency obstetric care funds (which can help fund transport to the hospital) for example for delays in receiving funds from elsewhere.
  4. The 6 health facilities in the 6 most disadvantaged VDCs have well-trained female community health volunteers and run model Maternal and Child Health clinics and birth centres.


We need to raise £427,744 over three years to support 50,000 people in the most poverty-stricken areas of the Dang district. Some of the main activities that will be carried out are:

Training Health Facility Committees in their role and responsibilities, and preparing them to be accountable to local people and the District Health Office for the health services in their village.

Providing local health institutions of certain villages with buildings, equipment, and trained auxiliary nurse midwives.

Supporting Mothers’ Groups to increase the effectiveness of their activities, helping them to ensure women enhance their participation in safe motherhood and take ownership of their own healthcare.

Training and mobilising Female Community Health Volunteers and linking them with health institutions; supporting them to run ward health clinics where they treat patients and offer antenatal care visits for every pregnant woman in their area.

Upgrading the Dang District Hospital’s Neonatal Unit. The District Hospital has been upgraded to a sub-regional hospital, but lacks essential equipment for a neonatal unit.

Your Impact

Over the next three years, your donations will save the lives of 174 mothers and babies and continue to save lives after the project ends. Thank you for your help.